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What We Do

Sanitary Sewage Systems

Sanitary Sewer is usually the first and deepest phase of Site Utilities. Sanitary Sewer connections proposed in the street Right-of-Way need to have approval from the City Engineering departments through a utility & site-plan review. When the proposed sanitary sewer reaches private property, city plumbing & building codes are the governing bodies. Fox specializes in acquiring permitting and will see that the sanitary sewer is installed to code. We are capable of installing all sanitary mainline, service line, manholes, lift stations, and cleanouts needed to meet the engineer designed drawing.

Water Distribution

Fox Underground is capable of installing all water mainline, service line, and appurtenances drawn on the engineer designed plan. Fox Underground is capable of hydrostatic testing, flushing, bacteria testing, and installation of temporary water. Fox is experienced in working in accordance to the city water departments, to ensure that your project is compliant. Fire Suppression lines are required to be witnessed by the proper Fire Inspection Personnel. Fox Underground can and will handle all proper documentation and meetings.

Storm Sewer

The importance of drainage is as valuable as any other phase. By effectively installing storm pipe, bedding the pipe haunches, and replacing the excavation backfill, Fox Underground can maintain the integrity of parking lots, streets, driveways, etc., that are constructed over the storm drainage system. Fox Underground is capable of installing lift station manholes, manholes, catch basins, flared end sections, rip rap with fabric, sluice gates, and concrete inverts needed for a sound drainage system. We will also ensure that any installation meets the code and requirements of the governing body.

Storm Sewer Misc.

Newer technology in stormwater management is being realized. Storm tech systems, in-pipe storage, and drainage ponds are a common feature to almost all local projects. Fox Underground is committed to learning newer styles and keeping our pricing competitive.

Our Commitment

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    A Team-Oriented Company

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